The Villa


Dining Room and Living RoomChildren
While we do not mandate that children not be allowed as guests of the residence, we do feel obliged to let you know that the property is not specifically set up as a "child friendly" destination. The residence is highly decorative and well appointed with a fair amount of expensive entertainment electronics. The surrounding area limits where children are allowed to play and congregate. They are not allowed on the course, in the club or at the pools without direct parental supervision. Please do keep this in mind as you make your decision as to whether this is the appropriate rental destination for your vacation.

Age Limits
You must be at least 21 (twenty one) years old to be the official Lessor of record for this property. Those under 21 are welcome as guests when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

No Smoking
This is a smoke free property. There is no smoking on or around the premises.

No Pets
Absolutely no pets allowed.

Additional Policies and Procedures
For more detailed information on the policies and procedures of renting this property, please check our Rental Information page where you can download our Rental Contract. It will give details on everything from check-in and checkout times to payment and cancellation policies.

Property Amenities
Rental Information